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Beautiful print-glasses Beautiful floral motives for your bedroom Kitchen floral motives

Printed glass is a product of innovative UV LED technology that has earned the recognition and respect of designers worldwide. Sun Concept Studio is a franchise partner of the brand SUN Studio – Russia, our studio is the only one in Bulgaria of total 130 franchised studios in 25 countries and 96 cities, for direct print on any flat surface.
Printing on glass, whether in advertising or as a decoration, is appropriate for the design of all spaces. Let the colors come into your home and to fulfill it with innovative solutions!
Printed glass can achieve high image quality with the use of full-color printing. Photo of you or your loved ones, landscape or even a pet – every photo that you like can be printed on glass.
The most extensive use of printed glass is for an interior decoration – it can be glass elements insert in furniture, kitchen panels, glass doors, partitions, doors of wardrobes, ceiling, color substrate for mirrors and others.
Professionally crafted printed glasses are characterized by resistance to mechanical shock and resistant to high and low temperatures. In the field of decorative layout, print on glass technology is very advanced and the print glasses are extremely attractive.
The use of quality certified materials in the production of print glasses ensure environmental safety, it also provides superior color reproduction and stability of the coating. All this allows the use of printed glass and mirrors with full-color printing, not only for the wardrobes and doors, but also for furniture located in places with high hygiene requirements, such as children’s rooms.

Printed glass is used for making unique office designs and for decoration of exhibition halls. Among the main applications of printed glass is for creating unique souvenirs. Guest room with excellent interior, immediately make a good impression on the visitors – that’s the first thing they see upon their arrival, so it is really important to think about your guest room’s design, if you want to make a good start of their visit. As an addition the technology of printing on glass and use of printed glasses will definitely improve the image of each company.