Printing on wood

The technology UV LED print on wood is one of the most developed and interesting activities offered by our studio. For printing on wood surface we use the most modern equipment and materials. They are used for applying an image on the wood. We ensure that the image has excellent qualities: bright, natural colors and long life.
Wood has warm, rich shades that allow the creation of unique designs. Wooden furniture has always occupied a leading position in the interior space of each apartment. Earlier the decoration of wood was done through special films with printed images on them. This method of printing on of wood, however, was not particularly effective, because over time the images were losing their original beautiful appearance.
The wide format printing on wood does not have such disadvantages. High quality transmission of the image on any type of surface is possible as for the overall piece made of wood, well as for some of its parts. Print on of wood gives many options – the image size can vary from miniature size with only a few centimeters to several meters high scale picture.
Print on wood can be used for application of drawings and paintings on murals, wooden souvenirs, countertops, chairs, window sills – this is a design decision that could be a turning point for highlighting the style of your interior. Choosing the printed image depends entirely on the wishes of the customer – our specialists can offer prints of graphic abstraction, classical still-life, landscape, symbol or collage. All the Images in our photo banke are free for our customers. Thanks to the modern technology even а text can be printed on а wooden surface .
Our studio offers printing on wood both for individuals and for businesses that deal with furniture or specializes in design and interior decoration. Producers of souvenirs, decorators, restorers of furniture and even artists are some of the people interested in this kind of decoration.