Printing on ceilings or wallpapers

Centuries ago, renowned artists from around the world are decorated churches and castles, creating masterpieces. They labored for years, so that we can enjoy their works today. But imagine for a moment that it is possible those old times to return – and not anywhere but straight into your home!

The rooms in your home can become a real art scene with the help of the modern technology that allows printing on ceilings and wallpapers. Renovation of the interior becomes a real pleasure. Printed ceilings and wallpapers ensure a variety of colors, patterns, textures. The technology is extremely affordable, which makes it so attractive.

The possibilities for printing on ceilings and wallpapers are practically limitless. With wallpaper murals you can visually expand the space of the room and create a pleasant atmosphere and positive mood. Printing technology can transform a wall into a real art work.

By opting to use printing on ceilings and wallpapers kids’ room can be transformed into a magical place where the little ones can have fun all day. It can be decorated with outer space theme or “inhabited” by favorite fairy tale characters.

We guarantee that the printing we offer is high quality and is 100% environmentally friendly. After printing, your wallpaper will not emit any odor and will not require lamination. Also, the images will look good from every angle. The materials that are used in this process are resistant to moisture and sunlight. Wallpaper colors will not fade and lose saturation, because when they are applied, they do not penetrate the material, but remain sealed on it by special UV technology.

So, the whole world admires frescoes by Giotto and Michelangelo, their great works decorate palaces and temples. But nowadays you do not have to be brilliant artist to decorate your home with frescoes. Today everything is so simple and easy – thanks to the printed ceilings and wallpapers!