Printing on plexiglas

For high-quality large-format print on plexiglass our company applies UV LED print technology. Its fantastic print speed and the wide range of variety of colors create bright, beautiful and eco-friendly printed images on plexiglass.

Our company offers printing on plexiglass with different thickness and texture. This print can be performed on colored, matt and transparent surfaces.

A very important moment in the technology of printing on plexiglas is to be created an image that is resistant to humidity and other external impacts. To achieve this effect, we recommend you to protect the printed surface with acrylic based varnish. It should be noted that the ultraviolet printing on plexiglass does not penetrate the structure of the material, instead it stably attaches itself to the surface.

One of the most common uses of printing on plexiglass is in  the field of advertising business. Undoubtedly advertising today plays a crucial role in shaping a positive image of a product, service or brand. One of the most popular practices in the advertising business today is the print on boards – such as PVC planes.

The print on PVC boards includes the use of several types of materials that can be divided into two main groups. They are- printing of PVC flat materials and printing of PVC rolled materials. The printing on rigid PVC materials include printing on plastic and plexiglass.

Do not miss the chance to make your business more successful and profitable. It is a fact that the quality ads made thanks to printing on Plexiglas, provide additional development opportunities to your company.