Printing on metal

Printing on metal is also known as metalography – it is a way of applying sustainable full-color images on aluminum or other metal, exposed to pre-anodizing or “chemical coloring.”

One of the most effective ways to print on metal is the digital printing – a process that represents the application of special inks on metals.

The UV LED print technology makes it possible to apply an image with any color and difficulty on metal. When the print is protected by acrylic based varnish, it becomes extremely resistant to weathering.

Printing on metal is used in various spheres of activities – from advertising to production. The only limit is your imagination. Information signs, badges, branding – printing on metal- you name it!

Nowadays the technology for printing on metal is developing more actively. The choice of colors is rapidly expanding. In connection with the increased capabilities of digital printing, inkjet printing can now be used in the treatment of a variety of surfaces where previously only the screen printing technology was used – glass, plastic, ceramic, fabric, metal and more.